From the Body

What are the three hardest words to say? The correct answer is “I was wrong”. Admitting a mistake is difficult for anyone, but there is a reason why we should. We are being stubborn, prideful and self-righteous if we aren’t willing to admit our mistakes. If we refuse to deal with the reality of our mistakes, we’re more likely to keep making them. If we are making “SPIRITUAL” mistakes, then our relationship with God will be interrupted as long as we refuse to admit to God that we have done wrong. We shouldn’t hesitate  to talk to God about our mistakes, after all, He knows we have made them. He even knew that we would make them before they ever happened. And He still loves us and is waiting for us to confided in Him so He can forgive us and restore the fellowship that is missing. It’s hard to learn from our mistakes that we don’t acknowledge making.


Bro. Gary




God Bless
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